What is it?

Ha'lo and...

                                                                ...to my online store.  

Yes I worked in a number of 'brick & mortar' retail stores for 
many decades ​and loved it.  Now with my new [carbon fiber] 
Prosthetic legs and walking being so much more fun now than it used to be...  today 
I'm doing work that requires less time on my feet.  

Driven for...

My offline work provides my basic needs but not the additional
cost and maintenance of my prosthetic legs [which the last time I checked was 18 grand each] so...  
I'm also working online to serve you as an affiliate marketer to create the needed funds for my prosthetic's.

End results...

As an affiliate Marketing I'm offering products and services that benefit you and there is further information regarding those products and services in the page menu and it's all here for you so don't miss any of it!

See you inside...

Until the next time I put ink on paper,


Changing the world
​one word ​at a time.

Cliff's Online Store

Your host...  the man with detachable legs.

Serving Customers for Life!  With products...  that benefit You!