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                                                 my online store.  

What is it?

To begin with as an affiliate marketer I have chosen the very 'Best of the Best' products to have, buy and use [see page menu].  Ah, but then there's more to a great product than just naming names for if you do not have the service & quality to backup your fancy name, you are not there for the people you claim to serve so needless to say...  I may seem a bit picky about the products and Brands I offer to you.

Yes I worked in many 'brick & mortar' retail stores with quite a following of satisfied customers for nearly fifty years and loved
every moment of it [OK, the armed robbers weren't much fun] 

but please note...  I am NOT a guru and...  I'm NOT going to chase or auto-respond you till you are breathless to get you to buy products from me for my thinking is along the lines of 'free' America, not 'corporate' based thinking.

OK, so I do collect customer & downline contact info but that information is only used to serve you and not kept in an easily accessed eMail address book but in a secure file on my computer harddrive and is never shared of sold to anyone.

So with that in mind...  with my new carbon fiber prosthetic legs and walking being so much more fun than before...  I'm now working online requiring less concrete based floor time for my feet [go figure that].

Driven for...

My offline work provides my basic financial needs but not the additional funds needed for the replacement & maintenance costs of my prosthetic legs [last time I checked replacement
cost was over 18,000 buck$ each] so...  not only am
I working
online to serve you and your needs as an affiliate marketer with great products, but to also create the additional funds needed to help me keep walking on something other than my lips [grin].

End result...

Having being diagnosed terminal some '27' years ago [and since I didn't die like the quack doctors said], some of the products I offer are health related so...  as an affiliate marketer
I'm offering products, services and information that benefit you as they have greatly ​benefited me and t
here is more regarding this in the page menu and it's all here for you so don't miss any of it!

See you inside...

Until the next time I put ink on paper,


Changing the world
​one word ​at a time.

Your host...  the man with detachable legs.