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About Cliff...

You do realize that in 1996 a Superior Court Judge was going around bragging that I was more dangerous without a gun…  than murderers were with one…  and my hands were empty when those gunmen came for me?

Go figure that!

The picture of me here was taken just after I began walking again [for the fifth time] and now two years later I’m down to just one cane [more for mental security than need].

Yes…  now a days I spend more time writing about my crazy escapades rather then doing them but without any doubt, if the need arose…  the power and ability well beyond human limitations or even the laws of physics The Living God [through His Firstborn Son] has given me to purge the land of evil is never more than a heartbeat [or thought] away.

So shall my word be!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,

Cliff still standing above and his
enemy below becoming extinct.