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There are some things that speak louder than words…  on Friday the 5th of August 2016…  with 309,950 miles on the odometer…  my car with its original engine passed smog on the first try.

There is a reason I use AMSOIL lubrication and filtration products…  a reason I became an Independent AMSOIL Dealer in 1974 and upgraded to Lifetime Dealer in 1976.  Heads up!  Be sure to look at the ‘Preferred Customer’ Program while on AMSOIL’s website.  Through this unique service you are able to purchase AMSOIL products at dealer cost.  Just take a look.

Complaining more from disbelief than from being upset…  in the early 1980’s I had a car that had one of AMSOIL’s after market longlife bypass oil filtration systems installed on it.  One day while adjusting the valves with over 200,000 miles on the odometer and only four [4] oil changes during that 200,000 miles…  the mechanic was complaining to me that he could still see the manufacture’s original grind marks on the cam lobes.

With any other oil or filtration system it is unlikely I would still have had a usable cam or the manufacture’s original grind marks.  Go figure that!

Yes…  these are only two examples but I have driven over ten million miles with 50% of the miles driven before synthetics were even created and 50% of the miles driven using AMSOIL lubrication products.  I watched over the years as AMSOIL progressed then about thirty three or so years later…  all of the petroleum corporations started trying to copy AMSOIL.

Oh sure…  the petroleum corporations now [thirty years after the fact] have ‘synthetic product’ that exceeds the lubrication ability of their old petroleum products but still does not equal or exceed AMSOIL’s ability to protect your engine and moving parts which AMSOIL did from its beginning.  No matter how much time expires…  these old petroleum companies [now selling synthetic oil] will forever be…  thirty plus years behind AMSOIL in technology…  the First in Synthetics…  and that first...  is and will continue to be…  AMSOIL.

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From this website AMSOIL products can be purchased in America.  If you are in another part of the world just send me an eMail asking for a supplier in your area.  AMSOIL products ordered online in America are usually at your door in three to five business days.

The car in the above 309,000 mile story is a 1994 Honda Accord wagon now with over 344,642
miles and still in regular use and running great.  The car in the 200,000 mile story was a 1979 Fiat Strada.