'Liquid Plant Derived Minerals'


                                                                  My appendix burst when I was only six years
                                                                  old and through parental neglect and abuse
                                                                  and at that young age, I was brainwashed to
                                                                  believe there was nothing wrong with me.  To
                                                                  make a long story short…  thirty-four years
                                                                  later doctors diagnosed me terminal stating… 
                                                                  my death was imminent.

                                                                  But Dr. Joel Wallach’s Liquid Plant Derived
                                                                  Minerals replaced the nutrients the peritonitis
                                                                  from my burst appendix had stripped from my
                                                                  body and greatly improved my health.

                                                                  Even with the death prognosis…  I chose not to
                                                                  give into that death mentality thinking and
                                                                  today the struggle is not so great even though
                                                                  I’m 66 years of age with both legs amputated
                                                                  but today the peritonitis that was eating my
                                                                  flesh and bones is completely gone.

                                                                   Dr. Joel Wallach’s Liquid Plant Derived
                                                                   Minerals provides up to 77 minerals from
                                                                   prehistoric plants in their unaltered colloidal
                                                                   form [minerals that used to be in our food
                                                                   and kept us well but are no longer there
                                                                   and this life restoring mineral package is just
                                                                   one of the many great products here at
                                                                   Youngevity but…  the Liquid Plant Derived
                                                                   Minerals did change the doctors sentence and
                                                                   physical outlook for me from one of death…  to
​                                                                   one of LIFE

                                                                   Improve your health...  order Dr. Joel Wallach's ​Liquid Plant Derived Minerals today!

Why Minerals?

Minerals have an important role in nearly every human bodily function from building healthy bones and teeth, to energy production, to immune support.  Minerals are so crucial to our health that even slight imbalances of some minerals can have major consequences; ranging from low energy levels to gastrointestinal issues. Iron, for example, is vital in the transportation of oxygen by red blood cells throughout the body.  But imbalance issues can range from low energy levels to gastrointestinal hurdles.

Dr. Joel Wallach - Founder of Youngevity

Known to many as The Mineral Doctor, Dr. Wallach’s biochemical research has uncovered the importance of minerals for both animals and humans alike.  His unique formulas of Plant Derived Minerals™ are delivered in a colloidal form, which is the most easily absorbed mineral form.

Are you getting enough?

Because they are inorganic substances, minerals cannot be synthesized by the human body or come from man made Pharmaceutical products.  They have to be obtained from the foods we eat and unfortunately, our modern, unhealthy diets are high in low-quality, processed foods.  This poor diet, combined with mineral-depleted topsoil and crops, has made it difficult for most people to get adequate amounts of these essential nutrients to stay well.

Depleted soils

When dinosaurs lived on the earth 75 million years ago, they were likely living in an environment abundant with life-supporting minerals.  Soils were laden with as many as 70 known minerals, which were absorbed through the root systems of plants to become part of a vibrant, life-sustaining food supply.

Over time, erosion and unwise farming methods have depleted our topsoils of their precious minerals.  Modern technology has only made this problem worse. Today’s farmers are able to produce double or even triple the yields of most major fruits, vegetables, and grains compared to 50 years ago.  However, the quantity of food available today does not make up for the lack of quality.  The nutrient content of crops is lower than ever before.

So…  do you want better disease free living well into your 90’s and beyond without the assisted living requirements today’s store bought food force on us?  Then order your Youngevity Plant Derived Liquid Minerals NOW.  Your online Youngevity account is free and auto ship is available but not required.  Both customers and affiliates are welcome! 
See you inside!


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Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals:
#13203 - 32 FL. OZ. - WS $20.00 - BV 11.00 - QV 19.00
#13203C - 4 BOTTLES (1 CASE) - WS $76.00 - BV 65.00 - QV 74.00

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